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destiny is one of 2014’s most anticipated first-person shooters

Overnight Celebrity ft. Kanye West

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Amazing illustrations by Tatsuyuki Tanaka. I came across his work in a book called Cannabis Works. All I know about him is that he has worked in animation - notably Akira. There doesn’t seem to be much of his art out there besides Cannabis Works and even that seems to be out of print. I would love to see more of his work if anyone has any links.

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inmate: what u in for

me: torrenting anime

inmate: nice

The Pathos
Rohnert Park
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a few of Grimes’s super groovy stage set-ups

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Q: hey did you happen to get any invitations when you joined the magical world of /mu/
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Invitations to what? what.cd? or mutracker?

Xiao Wen Ju for Grey issue #7 F/W 2012 by Peppe Tortora

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What do you do?”

"I’m not sure yet, actually"

Lost in Translation (2003)
Sofia Coppola

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Q: How many anime series have you watched?
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